I designed and built a new section within the Jones & Tomlin website. The website includes detailed information on different types of mattresses, beds, and sleep accessories to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. The website also provides helpful articles and tips on how to achieve better sleep, as well as a blog section for the latest sleep-related news and trends. Overall, the goal of this project was to provide an online platform that not only showcases the expertise of the company but also provides a valuable resource for customers seeking to improve their sleep quality. To enhance the user experience, I incorporated the use of GSAP animated text on scroll. This feature allowed for dynamic and engaging typography that caught the user's attention as they scrolled through the website.

Visit the site.

Pantone® 446 C
C0 M1 Y0 K74

Pantone® 8281 C
C12 M0 Y0 K43

Pantone® 174-5 C
C8 M8 Y0 K33

Pantone® 5025 C
C0 M12 Y13 K18